The following is a listing of my media work with hyperlinks to the relevant areas:


2017 Chanel 4  Food Unwrapped : ” Let’s meet Dr Sue Bailey – the Miss Marple of Food Science ” What’s in a prawn cracker – Food Unwrapped episode

Daily Mail – shellfish aren’t the main ingredient in prawn crackers – expert Dr Sue Bailey with Jimmy Doherty

Sun Food Unwrapped reveals the surprising ingredients in the popular takeaway treat

2017 ITV Sugar Free Farm : Providing background research and expert advice for scientific experiments

2016 Chanel 4  Food Unwrapped Diet Special  : Using carbohydrate oligofructose to make  sugar free cakes

2015 Chanel 4  Food Unwrapped  Ice cream : How not to abuse your ice cream and the science behind refreezing

“Thank you so much for filming with us last week – you were fantastic at communicating a potentially confusing story and more importantly keeping it fun!

2013  Sky television : News item on horse meat from London Metropolitan University Science labs.

Writing for magazines 

Expert quotes on food science topics and articles such as “To chill or not to chill”  for Women’s Health magazine . Expert research and opinion for Men’s Health magazine on the differences between oils, butter and margarine; raw chocolate and decoding the chocolate shelf; latest trends of coconut oil and activated charcoal.

Past articles on topics as varied as bulimia and anorexia, picnic foods and food intolerance.


Naked Scientists Podcast : First broadcast on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, then BBC Five Live  and ABC Australia. This covered blow-torching fish and the science behind why it works.

Blow-torching for fish


BBC Broadcasting House


BBC Radio 4 : Broadcasting house – a Sunday morning magazine program  discussing the history of food science and technology using examples of chicken nuggets and gluten free bread manufacture.

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Drivetime : Monday Food and drink round up regular appearances

Community radio Cambridge105 – Flavour105 : Alan Alder regularly  interviews me as the resident Food Scientist providing culinary enlightenment. As entertainment but also a challenge to perceptions of Fanny Cradock  I appeared at the Museum of Cambridge. Just before the event Alan interviewed me about making her special party foods for Christmas including a giant sausage roll.

Some of my previous interviews with Alan are here: Flavour June 2016  About plate shape and food choice Flavour May 2016 Chairing the Eat Cambridge Debate Flavour May 2016  Horse milk – students research Flavour April 2013  Evaluating stock cubes

In order to showcase local food bloggers, I have developed a series where I interview key Cambridge based ones. The most recent is  Jo Christy (Miss Sue Flay) who explains about her food blog and her television appearances. I also interviewed Michelle Alston about developing her blog The Last Food Blog. 

Previously I interviewed Pina Broccoli Anaia about her experiences hosting Cambridge based foodie events and her blog Onetwoculinarystew. All these interviews are in the boxed sections below.

My first two interviews were with Sian Anderson about the  Cambridge-based food and lifestyle blog Bonewhitechina that she and Alex Higgs write on Cambridge105fm for Flavour in November 2016 

Prior to this the local food blogger and columnist Laura Donohue talked with me about developing her blog Crumbs On The Table and about her work as a writer and teacher with her company Cottage garden cookery on  Cambridge105 for Flavour in September 2016.

In addition,  I have interviewed market stall holders at Ely Saturday Farmers market and specialists at the Cambridge Food sustainability network.

The following block sections from Cambridge 105 Flavour link to recent interviews.

Flavour: Cambridge Foodies on TV


Flavour: 2017 Food Trends


Flavour: Fanny Cradock


Flavour: Apple Day & Millworks


Flavour – Tim Hayward’s Knife


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