About Sue

About Sue

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Work & Experience

I have been a university lecturer for over 25 years and I have a research-based food and consumer sciences PhD. I also gained a post-graduate Master’s in public health, a degree in nutrition and food science plus a teaching qualification. My  background experience led me to become the director of the MSc in food science at London Metropolitan University.

Cambridge Foodies then started four years ago after I returned to Cambridge. Now I am a consultant, and associate senior lecturer. In addition, I am a fellow of the Institute of Food Science and Technology and a member of the Guild of Food Writers.

Television programmes, radio, lectures, and writing are my means of communicating my love of food science and history. I aim to explain and enliven, inspire and engage.

As an on-screen presenter and food history consultant for Great British Bake Off on Channel 4, I researched and recreated Tudor and Victorian dishes. As a food science expert, I regularly appear on Food Unwrapped for Channel 4. I am told I am skilled at simplifying complex scientific concepts. Recently I was the food scientist making the perfect casserole on BBC2 “Inside the Factory”. Other broadcast experience includes BBC1, ITV and Channel 5.

I regularly  feature on BBC local and national radio. In addition, I co-present a fortnightly Cambridge based radio programme Flavour on food. 

My foodie expertise

Writing and researching about food has always been  my passion. My work has appeared in both national and international academic and consumer publications. I am the monthly food columnist for The Lady magazine. I also write culinary history and local food features for Cambridge Edition magazine.

I often provide expert opinion for national newspapers such as The Daily Mail. Magazines regularly approach me for reliable quotes on food science and food history.

In addition, I am an experienced panel member, presenter and chair for lectures, workshops and webinars.  I enjoy public speaking, food judging and external university examining.

In the past, I have lead national and European research programmes in workplace learning, consumer health education and food skills. Now my focus is on researching and speaking about the history of food science, food technology and the experience of women as food professionals.

My hidden secret is that I have a quirky alter ego. I appear as the first famous female celebrity chef Fabulous Fanny Cradock. By donning her waspish personality, jewels, and ball gown, I interpret and demonstrate retro recipes. I recreate signature dishes from her 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s books and TV shows at food fairs and history festivals.

So my next challenge is to write a book …..

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