My skills as a food scientist and food expert

Over more than 20 years, I have consulted and taught many aspects of food, nutrition and food science but have specialised in new food product development.

I have also undertaken food, health and nutrition freelance research, writing and broadcasting.

My motivation is to engage with people, help solve problems and share knowledge.

I have been described as:

  • Talented
  • Determined
  • Thorough
  • Personable
  • An excellent researcher
  • Full of creative ideas
  • A charismatic communicator that can make complex ideas clear
  • A true foodie professional with the ability to blend an understanding of food science, nutrition and food commodities, flavour and recipe construction.

Types of work I can undertake:


  • Expert food science advice – see media pages for my ITV and Chanel 4 collaborations
  • Consumer and lifestyle food journalism
  • Recipe development including nutritional evaluation
  • Product reviews
  • Restaurant, bar & cafe reviews
  • Coverage of events


  • Workshop and presentations on product and recipe development for food start ups
  • Educational seminars, international conference presentations and chairing
  • Concept development
  • Advising on commercialization of food product ideas
  • Trends analysis
  • Food quality reviews and competition/award judging
  • New product development collaboration for food companies
  • Menu evaluation and development
  • Cookery demonstrations – for example in character as Fanny Cradock 
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