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thats the spirit article

That’s the spirit

January 2020

Cambridge Edition

Distilling the history of our fascination with gin, from mother’s ruin to a recent wave of local gins, Dr Sue Bailey celebrates Ginuary.

dreaming of summer days article

Dreaming of Sunnier Days

May 2020

The Lady Magazine

Sue Bailey recalls her days in Spain – and persuading her daughter to eat prawns.

a truffle for christmas article

A Truffle for Christmas?

December 2019

Cambridge Edition

Whether sweet or savoury, a truffle is the perfect present for your foodie friend this Christmas, as Dr Sue Bailey discovers in her latest Cambridge on a Plate.

eat feast fast article

Eat, Feast Fast

November 2019

Cambridge Edition

This month, Dr Sue Bailey discovers a fruit worthy of the King’s table, with a 300-year link to Cambridge and the Fitzwilliam Museum.

for the love of a good breakfast article

For the love of a good breakfast

February 2020

Cambridge Edition

Churchill’s love of a good breakfast is chronicled by local historian Annie Grey in a book about his cook, Georgina Landemare. Dr Sue Bailey finds out more, and offers some breakfast tips.

game on for organic article

Game on for Organic

September 2019

Cambridge Edition

September brings not only a celebration of organic produce, but also the pleasure of eating game, says Dr Sue Bailey.

eating the food history books article

Eating the food history books

July 2019

Cambridge Edition

With the help of local food writers, this month’s epicurean adventure takes us from Cambridge sticky bun wars to tracking a biscuit crumb trail through history to ancient Rome.

swans gin and may balls

Swans, gin and May Balls

June 2019

Cambridge Edition

Dr Sue Bailey investigates the food history of May balls – and did St John’s college really dine on roast swan?

eating the food history books the second slice article

Eating the food history books: second slice

August 2019

Cambridge Edition

Dr Sue Bailey takes a second slice of food history with the help of more Cambridge-based food writers, exploring puddings and potions.

The Lady Magazine

January 2020 “Fanny Cradock – The First Lady of TV chefs” – Fanny Cradock is back – thanks to a brilliant impersonator. Food historian Sue Bailey reveals how her interest in Fanny Cradock has led to a new career (and why the snooty chef’s legacy lives on).

Notes From A Kitchen - regular column - updating soon!

Cambridge Edition

a good vintage

A Good Vintage

October 2019

Cambridge Edition

The heritage of east Anglian wine culture may date back to Roman times, but, as Dr Sue Bailey discovers, it’s in the midst of a full-bodied revival.

swimming along the river cam to ely

Swimming along the River Cam to Ely

May 2019

Cambridge Edition

Purportedly named for its abundance of eels, Ely still celebrates this fascinating fish each may, as Dr Sue Bailey discovers.

a spoonful of history

Cambridge on a plate - A spoonful of history

April 2019

Cambridge Edition

Put the kettle on as Local food historian Dr Sue Bailey explores our love affair with tea and coffee, including the discovery of an ’18th-century Starbucks’ in Cambridge city centre.

The Conversation

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