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Photo credit:Paul Manning Cambridgefoodies

Hi – I am Dr Sue Bailey

I am a food expert  with an aim to educate, inspire, enthuse and support foodies in the Cambridge area and beyond. Food has been my lifelong passion both professionally and creatively so Cambridgefoodies was born.

I also have a guilty food secret – I like to  perform as the first TV celebrity chef Fanny Cradock.  A  mini video of this is seen here and  the story of my recreation of her is in Waitrose Weekend July 2018.

My goal is to make use of my skills as a food communicator and  consultant.

Why am I a foodie?

As an experienced food science lecturer  working for over 20 years in research and education, I  was until recently course director for a very successful MSc in Food Science at London Metropolitan University.  I am currently associate senior lecturer teaching food product development at Masters level with student prize-winning eco-food designs.

I love communicating about food in all its aspects and appeared as a culinary history consultant on television for Great British Bake Off.

Channel 4 Great British Bake Off – Sandi Toksvig and Dr Sue Bailey shaping the Cambridge pudding.


I am a food science expert on Food Unwrapped for Channel 4  and am skilled at simplifying complex scientific concepts.  I  recently appeared on  BBC1 Rip Off Britain: Food looking at sugar free fizzy drinks and on  ITV Save Money – Good Health  evaluating herbal teas.  Please see my media page for further details .


BBC1 Filming ‘zero sugar’ fizzy drinks with Julia Somerville in the labs at London Metropolitan University


As a food commentator and presenter I contribute regularly for BBC Radio Cambridgeshire and Cambridge 105 Radio Flavour programmes  . I appear and demonstrate as the first female celebrity cook, Fanny Cradock  at Food Festivals such as Eat Cambridge, and the Ginger and Spice Festival.

I am a local food judge, an after dinner speaker for international meetings and expert industry panel member for exhibitions and conferences.

Food, Fanny and feminism

I research and speak  about the history of food science, food technology and feminism. As a   supporter of  Women of Food, I appeared at the Taste of London salon .  My passion is to collect food history books and domestic economy manuals.

For fabulous fun I  perform as one of my heroines – Fanny Cradock – the first female television celebrity cook. Fanny enlivened the drab post war food of the 1950’s and 1960’s with her colourful creations. Above all she was a great supporter of making cooking fun for children.

Fanny’s summer party event sold out in May for Eat Cambridge and a short snippet appears on the media page.


Dr Sue Bailey presents as Fanny Cradock at Eat Cambridge 2018 in Velvet magazine


Fanny appeared at the  Castle Hill Open Day event in July. This was at the Museum of Cambridge  where children and adults explored the history of jelly and found out how combining food and science led to loads of wobbly, fruit-flavoured fun. Fanny was a “highlight of the event”. Over 100 adults and children were introduced to the  Museum of Cambridge’s domestic kitchenware collection. Fanny has been invited to perform at the award winning Ginger and Spice festival in North Shropshire.

A bit about me as a food expert

My  Bristol degree specialised in nutrition and food science.   Then I taught in Saffron Walden in Essex. Subsequently London then lured me to teach food science and technology in sixth form colleges. I also started food writing and studied part time for an MSc in Public Health Education at Kings College, London.  In the vacation I worked as a troubleshooting cook and caterer. I researched and wrote articles on health and food. Developing these skills led me into working as a food and communications lecturer. My specialism was food science and food product development  and I taught food styling, consumer and broadcast food journalism. Finally academic course development in food and consumer sciences, health promotion and food science, plus European work followed.

Why Cambridgefoodies?

Cambridge has always been my home as I went to school here.

University lecturing  in London, working full time plus a part time PhD kept me busy. However, many weekends  with our two delightful daughters were spent back in Cambridge.

Cooking squirrels

Fen skies, family, sheep and friends ensured  that one day I would permanently return.  Now we have moved back to Cambridge sans children and as replacement entertainment we have kept pigs, cooked squirrels, grow grapes, share an allotment and have just embarked upon the challenges of owning  two beehives.

My foodie passions are indulged by researching local food culture and aiming to cook, eat out and drink as frequently as my wallet allows and I am having so much fun!


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