TV & Radio

Inside the Factory

TV: Inside the Factory


Series 5, Episode 7: Pots and pans-Le Creuset

Dr Sue and Cherry Healey create the perfect beef casserole with a spicing of kitchen food science.

the great british bake off

TV: The Great British Bake Off

Channel 4

Season 8, Episode 5: Puddings

Culinary history consultant Sue shows Sandi Toksvig how to make a Tudor Cambridge Pudding filmed in Queen’s College Old Kitchen.

Rip Off Britain Food

TV: Rip Off Britain: Food


Series 5, Episode 7 ‘ Sugar Free’ drinks and foods

Food scientist Sue investigating ‘zero sugar’ fizzy drinks with Julia Somerville in the labs at London Metropolitan University.

The Shocking Truth About Food

TV: The Shocking Truth About Food

Channel 5

Episode 1

One of the experts as a food and consumer science specialist throughout this consumer show uncovering some of the shadier aspects of the food processing industry.

Food Unwrapped What’s in a prawn cracker

TV: Food Unwrapped - What’s in a prawn cracker

Channel 4

Series 11 Episode 3

On camera food expert showing Jimmy Docherty how to make a home-made prawn cracker – Let’s meet Dr Sue Bailey – the Miss Marple of Food Science”.

TV: Save Money: Good Health


Series 2 Episode 2

On camera food and health expert with Sian Williams. Looking at herbs and herbal teas as a way to get a better night’s sleep – without spending a fortune.

bbc radio

Radio: PM News and Current Affairs

BBC Radio 4

July 2022

Coverage of the first day of the Platinum Jubilee bank holiday weekend with Evan Davis. Dr Sue Bailey discusses food history of the ox roast and why the hog roast has supplanted it. 

The World Tonight

Radio: The World Tonight

BBC Radio 4

February 2019

Is it time for a Brexit cookery book?

Dr Sue Bailey revisits Fanny Cradock and World War Two food culture.

Science meets MasterChef

Podcast: Naked Scientists Podcast

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, BBC Radio Five Live and ABC Australia

June 2016

Science meets MasterChef. 

Frying the perfect fish with a food scientist and a chef. Why does brown food taste better and how can a blowtorch improve your cooking?

TV – On Camera expert and researcher

More TV appearances over the last few years

 Channel 5 | Secrets of Your Supermarket Food | 2021 | Expert ‘talking head’ interview contributions on a range of topical food science areas

BBC News Channel | Snacking on public transport | 2019 | Live studio contribution as a food scientist and historian – How snacking food consumption habits have changed over the years plus the history of snack food.

Channel 4 | Food Unwrapped Christmas special | 2019 | Providing background research and expert advice regarding nutritional value and preparation of vegetables

Channel 4 | Great British Bake Off | Forgotten Bakes | 2017 | Created the showstopper example Victorian Savoy cake | Series 1 Episode 8 | Quarter-final | click here to go to the programme

ITV | Save Money: Good Health | Consumer television series that aims to debunk the myths and reveal the facts |

2017 | Research advisor on low sugar alcohol products | Series 2 Episode 2

ITV | Sugar-Free Farm | 2017 | Providing background research and expert advice for scientific experiments

Channel 4 | Food Unwrapped Diet Special | 2016 | Using carbohydrate oligofructose to make sugar free cakes | click here to go to the programme

Channel 4 | Food Unwrapped | 2015 | Ice cream: How not to abuse your ice cream and the science behind refreezing | Series 6 episode 3 | click here to go to the programme

Radio & Podcasts

Further radio work as a contributor and presenter

Food matters live – Table talk  podcast. The history of .. The foods born out of British Royal celebrations – and those that never took off 

BBC World Service Podcast – History Hour compilation of the week’s five episodes of Witness History – food . Skip to contribution at 19.10 -23.22 

BBC Radio 4 Podcast – Sliced Bread 2023 Sourdough with Greg Foot 

BBC Radio 4 World Tonight – 2019 Fanny and Brexit

BBC Radio 4 –  My first time on a programme -Broadcasting House 2013. Discussing the history of food science and technology using examples of chicken nuggets and gluten-free bread manufacture (skip to 56 min 30 sec)

BBC Radio Scotland – Morning program:  2023 Quiche and Coronation food | 2022 Porridge history | Fifty years of eating |2020 Brussels sprouts history | How to store food safely | 2019 Sourdough versus sourfaux

BBC Radio Five Live 2023 Vegetable shortages

BBC Radio C & W – Vick Minett Show “Vicapedia”  questions 2023, 2021, 2020 & 2019 |

Answering: Debatable history of pizza margherita |Is soup a drink or a meal | Why you can eat cheese with mould on| Medicinal use of brandy for health|  History of the banana flavour | Reheating foods safely 

BBC Berkshire  – 2020  Great British Bake Off and the Japanese cake week | 2019 History of baked beans

BBC Radio Birmingham – 2020 Camping food special during lockdown 

BBC Radio Stoke – 2018 Spice Girls and the best spices

BBC Radio Cambridge – regular news review panel member and food contributor including  local sugar beet history; Brexit debate, food waste, sugar, and sugary treats

Cambridge 105 Radio – Regular presenter and food science and history expert for fortnightly Flavour magazine programe 

Alan Alder first interviewed me as the resident food scientist providing culinary enlightenment when I  started with the Flavour team on this community radio station four years ago.

Since then, I have become a regular presenter, interviewer, and edited recording for Flavour. I have undertaken more than a hundred interviews with chefs and restaurateurs, food writers, food business owners, wine producers, and cocktail makers.

Other Cambridge 105 Radio programs I have appeared on :