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Inside the Factory

TV: Inside the Factory


Series 5, Episode 7: Pots and pans-Le Creuset

Dr Sue and Cherry Healey create the perfect beef casserole with a spicing of kitchen food science.

the great british bake off

TV: The Great British Bake Off

Channel 4

Season 8, Episode 5: Puddings

Culinary history consultant Sue shows Sandi Toksvig how to make a Tudor Cambridge Pudding filmed in Queen’s College Old Kitchen.

Rip Off Britain Food

TV: Rip Off Britain: Food


Series 5, Episode 7 ‘ Sugar Free’ drinks and foods

Food scientist Sue investigating ‘zero sugar’ fizzy drinks with Julia Somerville in the labs at London Metropolitan University.

The Shocking Truth About Food

TV: The Shocking Truth About Food

Channel 5

Episode 1

One of the experts as a food and consumer science specialist throughout this consumer show uncovering some of the shadier aspects of the food processing industry.

Food Unwrapped What’s in a prawn cracker

TV: Food Unwrapped - What’s in a prawn cracker

Channel 4

Series 11 Episode 3

On camera food expert showing Jimmy Docherty how to make a home-made prawn cracker – Let’s meet Dr Sue Bailey – the Miss Marple of Food Science”.

TV: Save Money: Good Health


Series 2 Episode 2

On camera food and health expert with Sian Williams. Looking at herbs and herbal teas as a way to get a better night’s sleep – without spending a fortune.

bbc coverntry adn warwickshire

Radio: Vic Minett show - “Vicapedia”


June 2020

Is soup a food or a drink? Regular expert “Vicapedia” contributor. Where listeners call in with a question they’ve always wanted to know the answer to.

The World Tonight

Radio: The World Tonight

BBC Radio 4

February 2019

Is it time for a Brexit cookery book?

Dr Sue Bailey revisits Fanny Cradock and World War Two food culture.

Science meets MasterChef

Podcast: Naked Scientists Podcast

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, BBC Radio Five Live and ABC Australia

June 2016

Science meets MasterChef. 

Frying the perfect fish with a food scientist and a chef. Why does brown food taste better and how can a blowtorch improve your cooking?

TV – On Camera expert and researcher

Here is a list of some more TV appearances over the last few years

 Channel 5 | Secrets of Your Supermarket Food | 2021 | Expert ‘talking head’ interview contributions on a range of topical food science areas

BBC News Channel | Snacking on public transport | 2019 | Live studio contribution as a food scientist and historian – How snacking food consumption habits have changed over the years plus the history of snack food.

Channel 4 | Food Unwrapped Christmas special | 2019 | Providing background research and expert advice regarding nutritional value and preparation of vegetables

Channel 4 | Great British Bake Off | Forgotten Bakes | 2017 | Created the showstopper example Victorian Savoy cake | Series 1 Episode 8 | Quarter-final | click here to go to the programme

ITV | Save Money: Good Health | Consumer television series that aims to debunk the myths and reveal the facts |

2017 | Research advisor on low sugar alcohol products | Series 2 Episode 2

ITV | Sugar-Free Farm | 2017 | Providing background research and expert advice for scientific experiments

Channel 4 | Food Unwrapped Diet Special | 2016 | Using carbohydrate oligofructose to make sugar free cakes | click here to go to the programme

Channel 4 | Food Unwrapped | 2015 | Ice cream: How not to abuse your ice cream and the science behind refreezing | Series 6 episode 3 | click here to go to the programme


Here is some more of my radio work as a contributor and presenter

BBC Radio C & W – Vick Minett Show “Vicapedia”  questions 2020 & 2019 | Answering why you can eat cheese with mould on; medicinal use of brandy for health;  history of the banana flavour ; reheating foods safely 

BBC Radio Scotland – Morning program 2020 December special on Brussel spouts history |How to store and use  food safely | 2019 Sourdough  versus sour faux

BBC Berkshire  – 2020 – Great British Bake Off and the Japanese cake week | 2019 History of baked beans

BBC Radio Birmingham – 2020 Camping food special during lockdown 

BBC Radio 4 World Tonight – 2019 Fanny and Brexit

BBC Radio Stoke – 2018 Spice girls and the best spices

BBC Radio 4 – Broadcasting house 2013. Discussing the history of food science and technology using examples of chicken nuggets and gluten-free bread manufacture (skip to 56 min 30 sec)

BBC Radio Cambridge – regular news review panel member and food contributor including Brexit debate, food waste, sugar, and sugary treats

Cambridge 105 Radio – Regular presenter and food science and history expert for fortnightly Flavour magazine programe 

Alan Alder first interviewed me as the resident food scientist providing culinary enlightenment when I  started with the Flavour team on this community radio station four years ago.

Since then, I have become a regular presenter, interviewer, and edited recording for Flavour. I have undertaken more than a hundred interviews with chefs and restaurateurs, food writers, food business owners, wine producers, and cocktail makers.

Other Cambridge 105 Radio programs I have appeared on :

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